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A Faster Computer Solution!

GearPC is a state-of-the-art software that utilizes new technologies used to speed up your computer. With a single click, GearPC will not only make your computer faster, but it will also prevent crashes, clean your computer and allow for quicker download times. Now, your computer will be faster than ever before, while always being properly maintained.

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Speed Booster!

Advanced Computer Speed Technologies!

GearPC increases your computer's overall speed to be faster than ever before. By removing corrupted files, maximizing your registry configuration and enhancing your download capabilities, GearPC will make your computer run like it's brand new.

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Optimized Performance

Performance like never before!

Combining efficiency with performance, GearPC will make sure that your computer's processes run more effectively. This will ensure that computer's run-time errors and crashes are minimized at all times, while also erasing redundant registry entries, junk files and damaged shortcuts.

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GearPC is a world-class computer program that increases your computer's speed to be faster than you could have ever imagined. By removing compromised, irrelevant files and repairing slowdown based errors, your computer's speed will finally be optimized. Not stopping there, GearPC will completely eliminate freezes and crashes so that you don't have to continue experiencing data loss and system configuration errors.

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Increased PC speed

GearPC will boost your computer's speed by enhancing your registry configurations and completely eliminating compromised files.

Improved Performance

With one simple click, GearPC will combine increased performance with unprecedented efficiency!

PC Health Maintenance

With fewer crashes and improved performance, your computer will now be a strong system that is capable of maintaining itself.

Crash Prevention

GearPC will repair corrupted files and registry configurations to greatly decrease crashes, boot times, freezing and response time.

Better Organization

Without question, a large amount of files require a lot of your computer's hard drive space. Now, with GearPC all of your files will be well organized in order to eliminate viruses, adware and malware.

Registry Restoration

GearPC deletes and restores damaged, lost or untrustworthy files that cause problems and are stored in your Search Engine registry

Latest Updates!

GearPC updated to 2.2.6

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Boost my computer speed

GearPC made my computer run faster than I ever thought possible
by John
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